What's new for FlexiPDF 2019?


User interface improvements:

  • All toolbar icons have been redesigned from scratch.
  • New toolbar customisation options offering toolbar labels and large icons.
  • One unified work mode instead of the three modes "View", "Comment" and "Edit"
  • More user-friendly structured menus
  • New zoom icons:
    • – Fit page into window
    • – Zoom to the full page width
  • New Line-spacing quick-access button to simplify the toolbar
  • New Save As button on the toolbar
  • New Font Browser to make choosing fonts easier and faster
  • New, easier to use Preferences dialog box
  • New Page Operations toolbar and menu for common page operations – rotate , add, extract and delete.
  • Auto Fix button on Problem Report dialog to quickly fix overflowing text problems
  • Improved Problem Report with support for auto-fit size changes (handy for translation)
  • New Swatches tab in the colour picker dialog