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Welcome to PlanMaker! You have purchased an extremely powerful spreadsheet application that is also easy to use.

In developing this program, we have made every effort to integrate and coordinate PlanMaker's functions in such a manner that you will obtain the maximum benefit with the minimum amount of work.

PlanMaker gives you enough freedom to meet your individual needs. You can avail of the numerous setting options to set up PlanMaker exactly to your liking.

Note: This manual was written in order to describe how to use the program via the new ribbon user interface. A description of its use via classic menus with toolbars can only be found in older manuals.

Tip: A table in the appendix shows you which ribbon command corresponds to which menu command:
Ribbon commands and corresponding menu commands

Some features of PlanMaker

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Well-designed, ergonomic user interface – either with a modern "ribbon" or classic menus with toolbars

PlanMaker knows more than 400 computational functions – from simply calculating totals to numerous financial and statistical functions.

The creation of attractive worksheets is facilitated by the various design options. Simple columns of numbers can be transformed into clear and appealing worksheets at the touch of a button using the "Tables in worksheets" feature. You can use cell styles and character styles to apply frequently needed formatting at the touch of a button.

The integrated chart module lets you present numbers clearly in charts.

... and so much more!

PlanMaker is being developed continually. If, when working, you discover the need for a feature that is not yet available, or if you have any other suggestions, please contact us as we want PlanMaker to meet the needs of users!

Additional features in SoftMaker Office Professional and NX Universal

The even more powerful SoftMaker Office Professional and SoftMaker Office NX Universal include an advanced version of PlanMaker which offers the following additional features:

Read aloud – have your document content read aloud to you

Compress pictures compresses inserted pictures to reduce the size of the file

QR code/Barcode – generate your own QR codes or linear barcodes

Android version and iOS version: Unlock locked commands

PlanMaker is also available for Android and iOS devices and contains virtually all features of the Windows version.

Some commands are locked in the Android/iOS version (recognizable by the lock in the command icon), but they can be unlocked if necessary.

To unlock the commands, click on the command icon. The program opens a dialog box with the following options: Users of SoftMaker Office NX Home and NX Universal can use their product key to unlock commands. Users of other versions have the option of unlocking the features via Google Play/Apple App Store (subject to a fee).