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Welcome to TextMaker! You have purchased a word processor that combines user-friendliness with powerful features at a highly affordable price! TextMaker will enable you to complete your writing tasks quickly and easily.

Note: This manual was written in order to describe how to use the program via the new ribbon user interface. A description of its use via classic menus with toolbars can only be found in older manuals.

Tip: A table in the appendix shows you which ribbon command corresponds to which menu command:
Ribbon commands and corresponding menu commands

Some features of TextMaker

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Well-designed, ergonomic user interface – either with a modern "ribbon" or classic menus with toolbars

Practical document templates for creating new documents, such as pre-designed letterheads and flyers, in no time

Advanced paragraph formatting such as automatic numbering, bullets, borders, shadows and patterns

Paragraph and character styles that enable you to apply your favorite formatting to text at the touch of a button

Desktop publishing (DTP) features such as "master pages", drop caps, small caps, kerning, adjustable character spacing and pitch

Embedding of pictures in numerous file formats, extensive drawing functions, TextArt module for font effects

Document scanning – scanning via WIA is also supported in addition to TWAIN

Powerful table functions, including computational functions

File manager with search functions

Tables of contents and indexes, footnotes, outline view (outliner)

Excellent spell check and hyphenation, large thesaurus

Integrated address book (database)

... and much more!

TextMaker is being developed continually. If, when working, you discover the need for a feature that is not yet available, or if you have any other suggestions, please contact us as we want TextMaker to meet the needs of users!

Additional features in SoftMaker Office Professional and NX Universal

The even more powerful SoftMaker Office Professional and SoftMaker Office NX Universal include an advanced version of TextMaker which offers the following additional features:

Duden Korrektor from Dudenverlag (spell check, hyphenation, grammar check)

Research function – for looking up selected terms directly on online platforms

Read aloud – have the texts in your document read aloud to you

Finalize removes personal information from documents

Compress pictures compresses inserted pictures to reduce the size of the file

QR code/Barcode – generate your own QR codes or linear barcodes

Only available in SoftMaker Office NX Universal

Translation of documents into numerous languages using DeepL

SmartChat – use the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT in TextMaker to create and edit AI-based texts

Android version and iOS version: Unlock locked commands

TextMaker is also available for Android and iOS devices and contains virtually all features of the Windows version.

Some commands are locked in the Android/iOS version (recognizable by the lock in the command icon), but they can be unlocked if necessary.

To unlock the commands, click on the command icon. The program opens a dialog box with the following options: Users of SoftMaker Office NX Home and NX Universal can use their product key to unlock commands. Users of other versions have the option of unlocking the features via Google Play/Apple App Store (subject to a fee).